At JBA Wealth Management Group, Inc, we believe the sum of the whole is better than its individual parts.  Our philosophy is to provide exemplary service by trusted associates who are knowledgeable in many financial services areas.  Therefore, to better serve our clients we have established areas of experience within the agency, to better fulfill our clients needs.

6 Keys to Financial Success

Risk Management
Protecting your assets and your earning power is easy to overlook when planning for the future With a bright outlook today, you may think that disaster is something that always happens to someone else. But it could happen to you. Plan for adequate protection with life, long-term care, property and casualty, disability, health, and liability insurance.

Cash Management
Cash management involves optimizing your cash flow, building a liquidity fund, effectively positioning your available cash, and building your net worth. It’s easier than you think.

Investment Planning
A major portion of you financial picture involves your personal investment plan. Unfortunately, without a coordinated strategy, it’s difficult to build an effective investment portfolio that addresses your financial needs.

Tax Planning
There’s probably nothing that unites Americans as much as their dislike of taxes. Everyone feels that taxes are too high, that the laws are too complicated, and that the IRS is too powerful. There are still proven, legal ways to defer or reduce your tax liability.

Retirement Planning
An effective retirement plan identifies your retirement goals, shows you how to take advantage of all your funding sources, and accounts for the effects of taxes and inflation.

Estate Planning
With estate taxes running as high as 55 percent, estate planning is more important than ever. A sound estate plan can enable you to control the distribution of your assets, select individuals to manage your affairs should you become incapacitated, and minimize estate settlement costs.

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