Why JBA became a B-Corp

At JBA Wealth Management Group, we have always strived to do the right thing by our clients.  Now, we continue that tradition by working towards doing better by our employees, our community and our environment. 


JBA Wealth Management Group, Inc is focused on providing true career opportunities for our employees, while offering a living wage, full benefits, and a family focused atmosphere.


As a local business started in Fort Collins in 1984, we are proud to be a part of this community, and love to support other local businesses. Over time, we hope to be a positive influence on our home community through education, volunteering and encouraging others participate in sustainable practices. 


As a B Corp, JBA Wealth is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact.  We have taken steps to improve our office efficiencies, encourage minimizing our carbon footprint, and supporting responsible and impactful investing.

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